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Be Careful What You Choose

Red Cars ZenBegin

“The things you look for are the things you will find. If you look for betrayal you will find people who betray you. If you look for love, you will find love. This is not some far-fetched ideal but everyday practice. Red Cars It’s the same effect

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How do I Relax ?

ZenBegin Relax

When people become interested in Zen they often think it is a way to be more relaxed and balanced. Sometimes they ask me for a quick guidance into “the Zen way of life”. Some even get a bit angry if I tell them it is not something I

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Life is Simple

ZenBegin Life Is Simple

On nice days (like today) I sincerely think that life is very simple: we only make it complicated. I think there is only one internal force that drives all human activity; it is the search for safety. This was developed during the evolution of all lifeforms and

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