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Choose your Type of Happiness

In the previous article, I discussed  our struggles with finding happiness and how two parts of our brain have to work together to make the right choices in life. Two Types of Happiness When we take a closer look at what happiness is, we have to understand there are

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What is Happiness ?

ZenBegin Happy

This is the first in a series of articles or ‘Dharma talks’ about the core aspects of Zen. Concepts like the search for happiness, the illusion of self and the need for compassion seem unrelated. However, by exploring these facets one by one you will see how they together

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Be Selfish!

ZenBegin Be Selfish

It might not sound very Zen to encourage people to be selfish. After all: selfishness is the root of all the terrible things people do. Or is it? Ultimate Goal All the things we do, every action we perform has a goal. We think it will bring us

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