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ZenBegin Life Is Simple

On nice days (like today) I sincerely think that life is very simple: we only make it complicated. I think there is only one internal force that drives all human activity; it is the search for safety. This was developed during the evolution of all lifeforms and thus also in humans. We can see it has been a very useful drive if look at how successful humans have been in controlling the world. But nowadays our physical safety is for most people in the developed countries almost guaranteed. The chance that we will die of thirst or starvation or that we will be killed by a tiger is almost 0%.


Our search for safety has been moved to a more intellectual level. Instead of being afraid of lions and tigers we now fear ‘other people.’ For our safety and therefore our happiness we think we are dependent of other people. ‘Do they love us enough ?, Do they think we are fantastic enough ?, Will they not try to harm us ?’ All these thoughts are based on our fear of losing our safety, not so much our bodily safety but more our mental safety. This makes us completely dependent of other people; who themselves have the same fears and are afraid of what we might do to them. In this way we keep each other unknowingly imprisoned.

If you can see this and know others are often just as afraid of you as you are of them, then perhaps you can ‘step out the circle’ and just start living!  Try to see the world and others just as they are and stop being led by your irrational need for safety. You are already safe…unless you allow yourself to be dragged on by your imaginary needs.

Do not judge. Let others be how they want to be.

That is the way.

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