The Zen Way of Live


Do you want to know what Zen is ?

The media (and your boss) shout “faster-faster, more-more and bigger-bigger !”‘ at you every day. But nevertheless you have started to ask yourself some questions:

  • Is bigger always better ?
  • How much is enough ?
  • Do I want to shop ’till I drop” ?
  • Am I happy about the way my life is going ?
  • Why can’t I relax ?

A few years ago, I too was asking myself these questions and was looking for an answer. After reading some books about Zen Buddhism, I got more and more interested in this ancient philosophy and the simple and practical methods it offers to attain (some more) inner peace.
Very soon after I started to practice Zen Buddhism, I found it to be a powerful stress reducer. It showed me how to be alert yet calm in under what would have previously been stressful circumstances.  I will share with you the things I have learned in the past few years, what has helped me in the ancient teachings of Buddha, and the ways to use Zen knowledge in modern life. I will do this in a clear and informal way and in true Zen-spirit: no dogma’s and with a focus on the ‘things that work’.

What is Zen anyway?

Learning ‘The Zen Ways’ is not difficult, all it needs is an open and alert mind. You don’t have to learn any special rituals or memorize large and difficult texts. You can Begin right here and Now !
The key to Zen is attention, so clear your mind, take The Zen Path and learn to live your life the Zen way.

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