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“The things you look for are the things you will find. If you look for betrayal you will find people who betray you. If you look for love, you will find love.
This is not some far-fetched ideal but everyday practice.

Red Cars

It’s the same effect you see if you for instance have bought a red car, suddenly the roads are filled with red cars. And not because some strange unknown force is directing red cars to you. It is simply because you are more aware of a specific part of the world. Our environment is far too complex to completely observe. So we have to choose what to see, hear, feel and what not. This has become an automated process for us. If we are more aware of this choosing we can influence the choices we make.
Because our main drive is to look for safety we have a tendency to mainly see the things that threaten our security. This enforces itself by ‘thus’ ‘proving’ a lot of things exist to be afraid of. But that’s just because we take special notice of them.  In the universe almost everything exists. It’s the things you choose to see that creates the world you live in. Of course you can’t neglect it if something terrible happens to you. But a lot of daily affairs are only bad because you think they are. Is waiting always really that terrible ? Is not finding a parking spot really the end of the world ?


We call reality what we experience, but a lot of it is actually interpretation.
Being afraid of the dark is not proof the dark ‘is’ scary. But it only proofs you think it is. Others love to walk under a starry sky; in the same dark.
Perhaps you don’t even have to choose, but to just see things as they are, without choosing to love or hate it.

See the world as it is.

That is the way.

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